Finger Nibblers

Monster Appetizers & Starters

Ghostly Potato Nachos

Razor chips smothered with braised short ribs, red queso cheese, smoked brisket, green onions, bacon, frankenguac, and pickled pepper pico. ~ $10

Witch’s Cauldron

Hot bubbling red queso dip with seasoned ground beef, house smoked sausage, chorizo, and served with homemade potato chips. ~ $10

Monstrous Mozzarella

Large slices of fresh mozzarella, breaded and fried served with green goddess ranch and heirloom bruschetta. ~ $9

Skeleton Skins

Stake fries with red cheddar queso, monterey jack & cheddar cheese, blackened sirloin tips, bacon, and green onions. ~ $9

Venus Flytrap Wraps

Green leaf lettuce stuffed with grilled chicken thighs, andouille sausage, screeching slaw, green onions, crispy pancetta and chili thai sauce. ~ $10

Kraken Crack Snacks

Calamari rings and louisiana crawfish tails both battered in cajun seasoned flour, fried to a golden brown and served with our hexed sauce. ~ $11

Mini Monster Sliders

House ground mini burgers with muenster cheese, bacon, hexed
mayo, onions, and razor chips. ~ $10

Devilish Meatballs

House ground, lamb, and sausage meat balls baked in a tomato garlic sauce served with garlic basil gambino’s bread. ~ $11